Are You Facing Criminal Traffic Charges?

Criminal traffic offenses encompass a wide range of violations in Florida. Some of the more common criminal traffic offenses include DUI, driving with a revoked or suspended license, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, vehicular homicide, or vehicular manslaughter. The penalties for criminal traffic offenses in Florida can be severe. Depending on the […]

Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney that Best Suits Your Needs

An arrest and facing a criminal charge is probably the most frightening thing that can happen in a lifetime. The prospect of penalties such as incarceration, reputation damage, legal fees, and other collateral consequences can consume a defendant’s every thought. Whether innocent of the crime or guilty, it is crucial to have an experienced and […]

Bankruptcy and Reorganization to Rebuild your Future

The economic crisis of the past year has caused nationwide financial instability. Many are dealing with tumbling credit scores, housing evictions, and the stress of unpaid bills, over-extended credit, mounting medical debt, and more. Joblessness has catapulted, and hundreds of thousands of workers across the country remain unemployed. Small businesses and large corporations are in […]

How can my Constitutional Rights help my Criminal Defense?

Criminal defense law renders legal protection for those accused of violations of federal, state, or local criminal laws, ranging from minor infractions to those of a severe nature. A criminal defense attorney’s role is to advocate for an individual being investigated or arrested by challenging the validity of the prosecution’s evidence. They are the accused’s […]