Do I Need a Construction Law Attorney?


The construction industry is booming in Florida due to rapid growth in the population of the Sunshine State. There is a high demand for residential, commercial, and infrastructure construction that shows no signs of slowing. Construction law governs building codes and regulations. As construction companies try to keep up with the growing demand, they must be mindful that they meet building project standards.

The planning, design, and construction of buildings and infrastructure require compliance with a broad scope of local, state, and federal laws. Deviating from building codes can endanger workers and the public through catastrophic failures such as building collapse, plumbing and electrical failures, causing devastating consequences. A vast array of legal issues can arise during a construction project and even after a project’s completion.

Construction Law Advocacy

The role of a construction attorney is unique, as they must be adept at all the aspects of building development, from the initial bid to its completion. Projects may be public, private, or government-funded. Contracts are the foundation of construction law and the roadmaps to success for the property owners and countless persons working on a construction site. They guide and define the work, setting forth the obligations of all the parties involved in a project and offering protection when a claim arises.

Construction firms, contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers, engineers, developers, consultants, architects, property owners, business owners, and others benefit from legal counsel even before a project begins. As the project progresses, a construction law attorney represents their clients through legal processes and the inevitable disputes.

Common disputes are delays in the work, inadequate quality, or design deficiencies. Other disputes are fueled by poor communications, labor disputes, and force majeure events. Construction law attorneys represent their clients to manage these and many other scenarios in negotiations, arbitration, mediation, and litigation.

Construction-Related Legal Practice areas include but are not limited to:

  • Employee contracts and disputes
  • Liens and bond claims
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration citations
  • Construction defects
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Business formation
  • Creditor claims and bankruptcy
  • Construction and commercial litigation
  • Contract drafting, disputes, and enforcement
  • Real estate transactions
  • Licensure and permit issues
  • Insurance and liability coverage
  • Budgetary issues
  • Bid protests
  • Compliance with building codes

Tips for Finding Outstanding Legal Counsel

It is highly advisable to hire a construction law attorney near the location of your building or infrastructure project. Having a lawyer with significant experience, specifically in Florida construction law, ensures they are familiar with local and state codes, regulations, and ordinances. An attorney in your geographical area will also be familiar with the local officials and court procedures in the area, which helps to facilitate business transactions and courtroom disputes.

In addition to being a member of the Florida Bar, pay attention to certifications and awards earned by lawyers you are considering. Recognition for achievements and years of experience speaks volumes for the skill and proficiency of an attorney in construction law.

Reviews from previous clients provide insight regarding the quality of an attorney’s representation. Client testimonials inform potential clients about the lawyer’s philosophy, style of practice, and reputation in the community.

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