Overview of Mass Torts and Multi-District Litigation


Countless Americans are victims of harm every year due to corporate negligence and wrongdoing. Mass tort litigation is a civil procedure in which a group of plaintiffs (those harmed) brings claims against single or multiple defendants or entities for damages, including physical, emotional, or psychological injuries. These injuries are caused by the same product or course of conduct. There is no specific number of cases required for mass tort litigation. However, a case may involve hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs.

The term “mass tort” is derived from the fact that these cases typically involve large numbers of plaintiffs and defendants. Common examples of mass tort litigation are product liability cases such as defective drugs or medical apparatus. One ongoing case is against the Philips Respironics CPAP device. Other mass torts in progress are for environmental toxins such as paraquat, toxic baby formula, and clergy or Boy Scouts of America sexual abuse and misconduct cases.

Multi-district litigation is a type of mass tort in which cases from around the country are consolidated for pretrial proceedings in a single federal district court. Examples of multi-district litigation are cases filed against the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and distribute harmful drugs such as Xarelto, Viagra, and Pradaxa.

How to Find a Top-Rated Mass Tort Litigation Lawyer

Complex litigation attorneys typically practice law in the specific areas of mass torts, class actions, and other complicated civil cases. When multiple persons are harmed by a large corporation or entity’s negligence or acts of omission, they may qualify to join in mass tort litigation. The My Lawyer Directory is a reliable resource to direct you to experienced attorneys with proven results nationwide.

Statute of Limitations for Mass Tort Litigation

For mass torts, the filing deadline depends on various factors, including the state where the injury occurred and the type of claim filed. Each state has a time limit to file a civil case for a personal injury claim from when the plaintiff knew or should have reasonably known they suffered harm. For example, the Florida Statute of Limitations is four years. In contrast, plaintiffs must file a civil claim within two years in California. There are exceptions to these rules, and it is imperative to speak with a mass tort lawyer to interpret the statute of limitation laws.

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Harmful business practices might cause damages, such as sexual abuse and misconduct cases involving adults and children. These corporations may be religious institutions, camp staff, sporting event coaches, or other entities. A defective product may injure you or a loved one due to manufacturing defects, design defects, or a failure of a corporation to provide adequate warnings or instructions. As a victim of harm, you may be entitled to compensation through mass tort litigation. Speaking with a complex litigation attorney is key to learning more about your legal rights in a claim and the best course of action.

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