Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Litigation Attorneys


The miracles of modern medicine have made us a captive audience for the pharmaceutical industry. We rely on them for innovative medical devices and the latest medications to treat disease.  Pharmaceutical companies research, develop, produce and market drugs and medical devices that save lives. However, they frequently cause harm as they are motivated by the single goal of increasing sales and profits in place of the well-being of consumers.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the regulatory agency with the authority to take action and ban medications and medical devices that cause harm to the public. In 2020, the FDA pulled more than 300 drugs off the market. These included popular products such as extended-release metformin, ranitidine, and even dangerous hand sanitizer

.Before giving the approval and clearance for marketing new technology and drugs, the Food and Drug Administration has guidelines to safeguard those who use them. Sadly, their standards can fail the public, as consumers fall victim to adverse side effects and even death. After having caused harm, the scrutiny of approved medications and medical devices often takes place in the courtroom as pharmaceutical litigation.

Who is Responsible?

There may be many defendants in pharmaceutical litigation liable for damages due to negligence. These include the manufacturer, the testing laboratory, the distributor, the pharmacist that sold the drug, the physician who prescribed the dangerous drug or medical device, and the hospital or clinic that administered it. A product liability and negligence claim can identify as a design defect, manufacturing defect, labeling defect, a failure to warn, or a failure to instruct..

The Elements of Pharmaceutical Litigation

A plaintiff must prove that they have been harmed through the defendant’s actions, which was the direct cause of an injury, resulting in damages. When a drug or device harms multiple persons, plaintiffs may join together in a class-action lawsuit.

Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a prescribed drug or medical device, unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies and others must be held accountable. It is prudent to consult with a pharmaceutical litigation attorney with experience in nationwide pharmaceutical product liability, medical malpractice, and personal injury law. A dedicated and knowledgeable attorney can fight for justice against pharmaceutical defects and negligence. Victims and their families are entitled to compensation for their losses. They can win favorable settlements and verdicts for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. While this can not replace the magnitude of loss that a victim or their family endures, it can assist with recovery or help a grieving family restore financial stability.

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