Real Estate Attorneys: Safeguarding Your Investments


Real estate law is a broad and complex area of the legal system that governs the acquisition, selling, or leasing of residential, commercial, or industrial property. There are many different real estate services, each with specific Florida laws and regulations. Real estate law is constantly evolving. A real estate lawyer keeps up with these changes to advise clients on how the laws may affect their specific situation. In Florida, it is not required to have an attorney complete a real estate transaction. However, retaining legal counsel can give you peace of mind and save you from legal problems down the road.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

To represent their client’s best interests, a lawyer expedites the legal process by streamlining contract negotiations, communicating with lenders, and representing clients at closings. They are adept at securing title insurance and handling short sales, zoning issues, foreclosures, and liens.

One of the most critical services of a real estate attorney is contract drafting and review, as this is the foundation of a successful transaction. Many potential lawsuits can be avoided with well-written documents. When a dispute does arise, an experienced attorney can provide mediation or arbitration services for dispute resolution or present a compelling case in court. 

Legal Disputes

Real estate transactions can encounter many difficulties, such as the unexpected results of a property inspection, challenging a homeowner’s association ruling, or agent/broker commission disputes. There may be probate complications, disclosure issues, or title insurance problems. In addition, there may be landlord-tenant conflicts, boundary issues, breach of contract allegations, or co-owner conflicts. 

No matter what type of real estate transaction you are involved in, it is vital to have an experienced real estate lawyer on your side. A good lawyer will protect your rights, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure that the transaction is carried out smoothly and within the law.

Find Qualified Legal Counsel to Handle Your Transaction

A real estate deal may be the most significant legal transaction in your lifetime. Often, a real estate agent has a professional relationship with a real estate attorney. However, you are not bound to their recommendation. It is often best to do your due diligence to find a lawyer on your own. It is imperative to have an attorney with experience and one that can execute a seamless process.

Attributes of the Right Attorney

It is best to hire an attorney with knowledge of local law, as real estate law can vary between different areas, even within the same state. A local attorney will be familiar with the codes and ordinances that govern zoning, subdivisions, setbacks, and other land use regulations in your area. When meeting with an attorney, ask about their experience, how long they have been practicing real estate law, and how many successful transactions they have handled. Seek an attorney with excellent communication skills who returns calls and emails promptly to answer the many questions you may have.

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