Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney?


The importance of family law cannot be overemphasized. The family unit plays a crucial role in developing our society and the next generation’s education and socialization. Family breakups, such as a divorce, create instability and can stunt a child’s emotional growth. It can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and studies support that it can be the root cause of juvenile crime. Family law attorneys help families through times of crisis.

The Following Suggestions will help you decide when you should seek Legal Counsel from a Family Law Attorney:

  1. The breakup of a marriage is a sure sign that a family law attorney is needed. The dissolution of marriage is a complicated legal issue involving marital and pre-marital assets for equitable distribution. A divorce can be uncontested or contested, and these are very different legal processes.  A family law attorney can resolve conflicts in mediation, or if this is not possible, in a family court setting.
  1. Another aspect of divorce is conflict over child custody, visitation, and child support. Every child is entitled to the financial and emotional support of both parents. Parenting plans guide visitation, custody, and support. A skilled family law attorney can build bridges between those in conflict.
  1. Before marriage, a family law attorney can assist with a prenuptial agreement, a written contract signed by both parties and enforced by the law. It contains the spouse’s rights and obligations in a marriage and what each person’s property rights will be if it ends. This document benefits those with substantial pre-marital assets or those engaging in second or third marriages, especially when children are involved.
  1. There must be immediate action for the child’s well-being when there are allegations of child abuse, neglect, or abandonment. A family law attorney acts as an advocate, advisor, and legal representative for the accuser or the accused. They strategize to protect their clients’ rights in the child’s best interest.
  1. Modifications of divorce decrees and parenting plans are necessary whenever significant lifestyle changes occur for ex-spouses and parents. Family law attorneys draft agreements between parents or present their client’s perspectives in a court hearing. It is reasonable to seek a modification of an existing court order if there is are adjustments in income, a relocation of a parent, or changes in a child’s needs.
  1. Estate planning and estate administration deal with the distribution of assets of a decedent. A family law attorney must be knowledgeable in estate taxes and probate law. They draft enforceable estate plans and ensure that an estate is administered according to the deceased’s wishes.  They are adept at handling court proceedings for disputes of a will or trust.
  1. There are many benefits to engaging a qualified family law attorney for adoption proceedings by stepparents, grandparents, and independent adoptions. Having an attorney on your side can alleviate the anxiety of adoption issues. Legal documents to terminate the birth parents’ rights and finalize the adoptive parents in a Florida court are best handled by legal counsel.
  1. A family law attorney can legally establish paternity rights for an unmarried father to request timesharing and parental responsibilities for a child. It is beneficial to the child to build a relationship with the biological father and access health records and other benefits. A family law attorney can also challenge paternity.

How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney handles many sensitive issues. Clients must feel comfortable sharing the details of their lives with their attorneys. Interview prospective attorneys that have experience in the area of law that affects your case. For matters that will likely go to court, it is crucial to hire an attorney with courtroom experience and a history of proven results. Find out the attorney’s preferred method of communication and how accessible they will be to you. Location is a factor, as it is likely that you will be meeting with legal counsel regularly. Your chosen attorney must be someone you have confidence in and can trust as your advocate.

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