‘Tis the Season…..for Personal Injuries?


The holiday season is a joyful and nostalgic time as family and friends gather and reconnect. It is rich with the excitement of celebrations, seasonal decor, music, gifts, and plans for the future. While a hospital is not high on the list to visit during the holiday season, it is a time when emergency room visits spike. An influx of unexpected accidents and injuries are the consequences of alcohol consumption, slip and falls, puncture wounds, lacerations, falls from heights, burns, food poisoning, and others. Many of these personal injuries are due to individual homeowners, manufacturers, and commercial property owners’ negligence.

Gifts can lead to Product Liability Claims

 The gifts waiting under your tree may occasionally have unexpected consequences. A manufacturer or distributor owes the consumer a duty of care. Product liability claims are based on defectively manufactured products or defectively designed products. Or, the manufacturer has failed to provide adequate warnings or instructions for assembly or use. If a friend or family member is injured because of a defective or unsafe product, there may be grounds for legal action. Unsafe products can cause significant injuries that result in life-long personal injuries, which will undoubtedly ruin the holiday spirit.  

Accidents and Injuries caused by Premises Liability

Premises liability claims typically stem from the negligence of the owner of a residence or commercial property. There is a high risk of accidents and injuries during the holiday season at public venues while shopping and participating in holiday festivities. Slip and falls from the clutter in the aisles or falling objects from holiday decorations that are not appropriately secured can change a joyful shopping trip to a trip to the emergency room. Young children are fascinated with holiday displays and are at risk of choking if they ingest small toys or become seriously ill from consuming toxic plants. Christmas Tree farms that allow a customer to pick their tree and cut it down presents many dangers to children and adults. Common premises liability claims at residential homes hosting a holiday party are dog bites, assaults, food poisoning, slip and falls, and various other catastrophes.

Heightened Driving Risks during the Holidays

There is an increased risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident during the holiday season. More visiting and more celebrating means more traffic, either locally or on long trips. Many accidents are the result of alcohol-related impairment of drivers, driver fatigue, or distracted driving. Arrange for a designated driver if you will be consuming alcohol, or arrange for a commercial transportation service. While public holiday light displays are beautiful to see, they are distracting, making drivers prone to accidents. Shorter daylight hours in the winter months impairs visibility, especially for senior drivers. Crowded malls and shopping areas bring pedestrians that can be difficult to see at night.

The Southern Cross Media Lawyer’s Directory is your Trusted Resource

Be mindful of the hazards that may arise during the holiday season. Take precautions and be vigilant regarding safety measures that will prevent your holiday from being ruined by an avoidable accident. For holiday-related accidents and injuries that are the consequences of another’s negligence, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

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